PMD’s clients have access to an enormous network of visibility, along with ongoing services and skills you won’t find anywhere else.


PMD’s 25-year success story gives you the opportunity to paint on a nation-wide canvas. Our WindowPosterTM Displays are seen in the windows and doorways of over 50,000 retailers, cafes, and storefronts.

PMD uses proprietary technology to track your customers, combining state-of-the-art modern tools with traditional advertising in revolutionary new ways.

PMD’s engineers optimize your online & mobile campaign with surgical precision through social media, keyword targeting, native advertising and more.

A great companion to our WindowPosterTM Displays, Postcard, Brochure, and Booklet Displays are a great way to find customers inside establishments. And our network of 50,000+ storefronts will get your message to countless new customers.

PMD has over 20 years of ad design experience. Our design experts will closely evaluate your work and disclose tips for optimization.

We’ll work with you to create the best, most cost-effective physical media for your campaign. And we’ll ship it to you for free.

PMD provides an unprecedented level of reporting, from in-depth web analytics to Interactive Venue Mapping with on-site photographs.

PMD’s impression data is completely unparalleled. Our traffic flow analysis will show you exactly how many impressions, and potential customers, your campaign will generate.

BE SEEN in more than 50 Cities and 500 Neighborhoods

PMD WindowPoster™, Postcard & Brochure Displays are seen in 500+ neighborhoods in more than 50 major U.S. markets. More than 50,000 independent cafes, restaurants, retailers, and storefronts make up our Nationwide Advertising Display Network, one of the largest of its kind in the U.S.


Targeted Outdoor. It’s What We Do.

Do you want to be seen by millennials living in Bushwick, Brooklyn?
We can do it.

Does your client want to reach only small business owners in Greenville, South Carolina?
We can do that too.

Does your strategist say she only wants to reach Colombians living in the top 5 markets, AND to be within 2 miles of specific locations?
Consider it done.

When it comes to targeted outdoor advertising, there’s no one better than PMD. By language, by zip code, by geographic radius, we’re able to target audiences by exactly where they are, who they are, and when they will be there.

Case in point: Delta Air Lines wanted to be seen within certain specific geographic parameters in a major city, with enough ubiquity that ensured success.

PMD was tasked with reaching this Delta audience.

PMD WindowPosters and storefront billboards are everywhere.  We’re in the grocery store on the corner, seen at the trendy bar down the street, and in the restaurant in that small, out of the way neighborhood where no other advertising even reaches (yup – no mobile either. no cell service!).

Because our network is made up of independently owned venues, we’re continually growing and adding new partners. In 2018, we added over 20 new cities and over 100 new neighborhoods. By the end of 2019, we hope to be in all 50 states. By 2020, we’re taking the show international.  

Back to Delta. PMD displayed WindowPosters™ in Seattle, with creative that focused on real Seattle residents. PMD displays were seen in key neighborhoods, such as Queen Anne and Downtown Seattle, where these unknown stars live and work. With eye-catching creative, these storefront billboards were seen by millions of Seattle’s residents.

Get in touch with us today, let us know how we can help you reach exactly who you want.

Take It To The EDGE

From inception, PMD was built around one foundational premise: Get our clients SEEN. Despite living in an industry that changes year in and out, this guiding principle has, and always will, remain the same.

Which is why we’re excited to introduce our newest service, EDGE. The largest format, storefront-dominating billboard you’ll ever see. Taking our advertising medium to the EDGE of maximum visibility.

While our signature WindowPoster™ Displays are ubiquitous, seen in tens of thousands of independent storefronts across the U.S., EDGE displays will be more exclusive, 10X larger, framed in high-resolution vinyl, and 10X more visible.

Your message will never be bigger, or more SEEN. Take it to the EDGE.

Contact us today to learn more.

Digital Integration:The Best of Digital & Outdoor

For over 25 years, PMD Media has worked tirelessly to achieve the highest ROI for our clients. Nothing has allowed us to achieve this goal more than Digital Integration: the trade term we use to describe the coupling of our national outdoor advertising network, and digital programmatic media.

In today’s fractured advertising climate, multiple touch-points are a must. It’s simply an imperative to have more than one advertising medium selling your message.

This summer, our WindowPoster™Displays were seen along with a digital campaign to promote an event in New York City. In addition to generating tens of thousands of dollars in direct Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from mobile, the data from the digital campaign revealed just how effective our OOH efforts were.

Neighborhoods with WindowPoster™ displays composed 7 of the Top 10 performing neighborhoods in terms of digital conversions. These 7 neighborhoods accounted for 81.2% of ticket sales of the entire campaign.

Along with a 381% ROAS, the data from the digital portion of the campaign proved just how effective our efforts were. Multi-channel ad campaigns, executed in the same geographic areas at the same time, means effective advertising dollars spent.

Get in touch today for a custom campaign plan, see how well our Digital Integration campaigns can work to sell your product.