Looking for a way to make your campaign stand out? The first place to start is the ad itself. Effective outdoor advertisements feature bold graphics, creative artwork, and minimal text.

One of our favorite examples is the campaign we ran for the Golden State Warriors: the vibrant, saturated colors and striking image of NBA MVP Steph Curry make this a memorable, eye-catching ad.

For years, the Warriors were regarded as one of the league’s perpetually abysmal teams. In 2014, though, things heated up: the Warriors completed the season with a 67-15 record… and won the NBA Championship the next year. They’ve become one of the league’s most entertaining teams to watch, known for their players’ ability to sink three-point shots from virtually across the court.

To drive ticket sales and garner even more support from the Bay Area community, the Warriors launched a local, multi-channel media campaign promoting the coming season. PMD Media placed 500 WindowPoster™ displays strategically across the Bay Area to reach consumers at the shops and small businesses they frequent.

While the Golden State Warriors campaign succeeded in generating ticket sales and creating buzz for the upcoming season, it also inspired pride in the Bay Area and its surrounding communities. Our WindowPoster™ displays have been proven time and again to effectively generate revenue and increase brand awareness – but in this case, they also provided the unexpected benefit of mobilizing local passions… We’d like to think this enthusiasm helped to buoy the team into their Championship victory. Go Warriors!

Reasons Why WindowPoster™ Displays Are a Marketer’s Favorite Ad

Sometimes all it takes to convert a prospect into a customer is a striking, memorable impression. Whether you’re advertising an event, promoting a product, or just want to increase brand awareness, PMD’s street-visible WindowPoster™ Displays are a cost-effective solution of getting your message seen by your target audience. A brilliant or clever ad, strategically placed in a key location, is the best way to create brand awareness. PMD’s WindowPoster™ Displays create impressions that drive action.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Use a WindowPoster™:

1. Limitless Promotion

As a cost-effective and impactful ad, you can use your window displays to provide information on your special offers, seasonal events, new location openings, and product launches. You can focus your ad campaign inside neighborhoods within a single city or blanket entire markets all over the country. A storefront ad provides the perfect marketing channel to reach your customers.

2. Stand Out and BE SEEN.

If you’re in a competitive market, window displays offer noticeable designs with attractive content and imagery. This helps your business stand apart from its competitors. Unlike billboards and other expensive out-of-home options, WindowPoster™ Displays offer you the ability to target areas and customers otherwise ignored by mainstream advertisers. Because the PMD network consists of independent venues, our WindowPoster™ Displays reach people on their daily routes – allowing you to reach your target audience and maximize your ad spend.

3. Expanded Brand Awareness

One of the most fundamental features of branding involves recognition. This means that businesses should explore different ways of reaching out to customers to create meaningful and action-oriented ads. Window graphics help businesses achieve that. By adding logos, slogans, website and contact details, and striking content, you can create a permanent impression and build a brand name for your business.See how we’ve helped all types of businesses expand their reach and build brand awareness.


As a friend or client of PMD you may be familiar with our origins: way back in 1991, Dean Stallone started PMD Media from his NYU dorm room.

We’d like to take you back to the musty, carpeted halls of NYU’s Brittany dorm for a moment to introduce another character who’s been around since the beginning of PMD Media.

When Dean and George Eliou first met as freshmen in 1989 they were just young goofy kids. Twenty-eight years later, the two remain friends and colleagues.

Last night, George’s firm, Eliou & Scopelitis Steel Fabrication, in partnership with Bowery Presents, debuted their latest venture: Brooklyn Steel, a live music venue named for the red brick building’s original purpose as a steel works factory.

The East Williamsburg concert hall opened with a bang – LCD Soundsystem’s five night run sold out immediately – and promises a scintillating spring line-up, with future performances by indie rock superstars The Decemberists, Chairlift, Slow Dive, and lo-fi legends The Jesus and Mary Chain. We can’t wait to check out a show – and try one of the venue’s three (!) bars.

In celebration of the grand opening of Brooklyn Steel – and to thank George for his contributions to the New York performing arts scene –  we’re sending our best wishes to Eliou & Scopelitis Steel Fabrication and Bowery Presents!


Every year at this time, I struggle to find the best words to write down, as the holidays approach, and the calendar draws to a close. So this year, I wanted to write the two most important words that I could possibly convey to you, our loyal clients, friends, venue partners and loved ones: Thank You! Happy Holidays – SEE you in the New Year!


Imagine you’re strolling through main street on a relaxing Saturday. You pass your favorite café on the corner, and as you glance at the storefront, you immediately see a Windowposter™ on display. You look down at your phone and spot the same advertisement in the app you’re using. This is now. This is Windowposter™ Display with Digital Integration.


Austin is known for a few things: some of the best Tex-Mex food in the United States, the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge, and being the ‘Live Music Capitol of the World’, as the home of the South by Southwest Conference and Festival.