Follow your dreams. We did.


Most companies have a nifty origin story. We’ve all heard the one about a dream, a couple thousand bucks, and a garage somewhere in Portland.

PMD began its journey at NYU in 1991, in a dorm room at the heart of New York City. Then-sophomore Dean Stallone began to leverage his relationships with a growing number of independent storefronts into an incredible network of visibility. Through Dean’s hard work and dedication, the WindowPosterTM Display was born.

These iconic storefront billboards would soon become an integral part of New York City’s landscape. They began to regularly appear in TV shows set in the city, in order to show the authentic aesthetic of New York.

Beginning with Los Angeles and later, Chicago, PMD quickly expanded into 50 other major cities. Today, the PMD National Advertising Network consists of more than 50,000 independently-owned cafes, boutiques, and storefronts in over 1,000 neighborhoods across the country. As of 2017, we’re the fourth largest outdoor network in the U.S. and the market leader in targeted outdoor advertising.

PMD is excited to announce the addition of our Digital Integration service. Our experts in programmatic media buying and digital strategy are adding even more ways for you to generate new leads.


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