Case Study: PayPal

Starting in September and running through January 2021, PMD’s WindowPoster Displays are targeting consumers in 10 markets.

Small Business Direct has also been employed to connect storefront management with PayPal itself, serving as the bridge between the two. PMD Media personnel have been running in-store app demos with management, enabling SMBs to sign up for the touch-free system within minutes.

PayPal’s push for touch-free payments comes amid a resurgence in QR code usage.

Horizon Media is using a multi-channel approach over the course of three months this Fall. PMD Media has been an integral part of that effort, with its consumer-facing OOH storefront billboards.

Just as important are PMD’s unique relationships to the independent small businesses that make up its 35,000 location OOH network.

Campaign Details:

  • Services: WindowPoster Display, Small Business Direct
  • Markets: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C.
  • 86 Neighborhoods, 60-65% Avg. Neighborhood Coverage
  • Period: 18 Display Weeks
  • Audited Impressions (Geopath): 286,713,028

Case Study: We ❤️ Small Business

Starting in June 2020, PMD Media, a small business itself, has been showing support for the retail stores, cafes, salons and restaurants it relies on for the backbone of its OOH network, by displaying WindowPosters™ in storefronts throughout 6 cities.

“We ❤️Small Business” is the message. And the sentiment isn’t just a slogan; 99% of U.S. businesses are considered small. 88% of small businesses have 20 employees or less. 44% of GDP comes from small business.

That local, neighborhood, small business that relies on all of us, and that we rely upon, is the common ground that we can all stand on, and support, during these uncertain times.

Campaign Details:

  • 5 U.S. DMAs
  • 65 Neighborhoods, 60-65% Avg. Neighborhood Coverage
  • 4-8 Display Weeks/1 -2 Periods
  • Audited Impressions: 31,873,800
  • Key Cities: NYC (Manhattan & Brooklyn), Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Washington D.C.

Case Study: AETNA Healthcare

Aetna Medicare Advantage – Improving the lives of our heroes.

Aetna has been involved in Medicare since the very beginning, paying the first Medicare claim in 1966. Partnering with both the International Association of Fire Fighters and the Fraternal Order of Police, Aetna is making healthcare affordable to members of both organizations after a lifetime of service.

PMD partnered with Aetna and their media agency, Kinetic, to raise awareness of the availability of these programs in 22 markets across the U.S. With a highly targeted demographic of retired or soon-to-be retired fire or police officers, WindowPosters™ were displayed within a ½ mile radius from active fire and police stations.

Campaign Details:

  • 22 U.S. Markets
  • WindowPoster™ Displays 
  • 7 Display Weeks
  • 85-90% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Total Impressions: 319,769,100
  • Key Cities: New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Portland ME, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Memphis, Las Vegas, Detroit

Case Study: All That

All That’,  A revival of the hit sketch comedy for kids on Nickelodeon.

All That was a groundbreaking sketch comedy series on Nickelodeon that debuted in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons. The series featured original short sketches and weekly musical guest with a target audience of children and teens. 

In 2019, the series was revived with new stars and guest appearances from the original cast. Sketch comedy for kids is being introduced to a new generation once again. 

PMD worked with Nickelodeon and Enplay Media in advance of the season premiere in June 2019, with WindowPoster™ Displays in Memphis and Birmingham. 

Campaign Details:

  • 4 Weeks on display
  • 75-80% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Audited Impressions: 7,087,000
  • Key Neighborhoods: Avondale, Crestline, Downtown Birmingham, East Memphis, Cooper Young, Downtown Memphis

Case Study: AT&T

Want to get noticed by Millennials?
Use PMD WindowPosters™ to reach them where they live & work.

AT&T Codes of Culture was an activation based on area codes (212, 312, 323, 404) and targeting multicultural millennials, celebrating what makes cities and cultures so unique.

Tasked with remaking AT&T’s image from staid to cool by their agency Hearts & Science, PMD focused on Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Chicago, in trendy, tastemaker, multicultural, millennial-heavy neighborhoods. From Rucker Park in Harlem, to Little Five Points in Atlanta, this valuable audience recognized their peers in the images of filmmakers, singers, dancers, and artists.

Campaign Details:

  • 4 U.S. Markets
  • WindowPoster™ Displays
  • 6 Display Weeks
  • 85-90% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Total Impressions: 65,375,850
  • Key Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta

Case Study: Facebook

What better way to attract small businesses than with displays seen in independent, small businesses?

Facebook Community Boost was a traveling 2018 expo with a mission; 1. work with local organizations to provide digital skills and training for people; 2. advise entrepreneurs how to get started; 3. help existing local businesses get the most out of the internet.

PMD partnered with Facebook and their agency Mediacom, throughout 2018, to raise local awareness and drive attendance in each of the cities Community Boost expo traveled to. Targeting areas near the event locations, in cities such as Denver, New Orleans and Atlanta, PMD has helped get Facebook SEEN outside of the computer or phone screens in a way that is beneficial to both company and community.

Campaign Details:

  • 22 U.S. Markets
  • WindowPoster™ Displays
  • 4 Display Weeks
  • 85-90% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Total Impressions: 1,810,285,650
  • Key Cities: Houston, Albuquerque, Greenville,  Des Moines, Denver, Miami, Buffalo, Phoenix,  Minneapolis, Columbus, New Orleans, San Diego, Palo Alto, Springfield, Atlanta, Omaha, Seattle

Case Study: FOX Small Business

Fox Business: Invested in You & Small Business

Launching in 2007, Fox Business discusses daily updates in the worlds of business and finance. With several high-profile shows covering topics from the U.S. and world financial markets, as well as small businesses and personal finance, Fox Business is broadcast into over 74 million homes in the United States.

PMD partnered with Fox Business and their media agency, Dom Camera & Company, increasing awareness of the Fox Business channel and focus on small business. WindowPoster™ Displays were installed in independently owned and operated storefronts in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Campaign Details:

  • 4 U.S. Markets
  • WindowPoster™ Displays 
  • 4 Display Weeks
  • 80-85% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Audited Impressions: 30,687,520
  • Key Towns: Scarsdale NY, Manhasset NY, Port Washington NY, Greenwich CT, Morristown NJ, Franklin Lakes NJ

Case Study: This Free Life

An LGBTQ targeted national ad campaign, with a specific venue focus during Pride Month.

This Free Life is an effort from the FDA to help prevent and reduce tobacco use among LGBT young adults who occasionally use tobacco.

There are more than 2 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) young adults ages 18-24 living in the United States. These young adults are nearly twice as likely to use tobacco as other young adults, ultimately resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of LGBT lives to tobacco use each year.

PMD partnered with Haworth Media for the 2019 initiative with a highly targeted campaign. WindowPoster™ Displays were displayed in 7 markets across the U.S. with a focus on LGBTQ bars along Pride Parade routes.

Campaign Details:

  • WindowPoster™ Displays
  • 9 Display Weeks
  • 85-90% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Total Impressions: 18,752,950
  • Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C. San Francisco, San Diego

Case Study: Chill

A once illegal substance is now one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S.

Chill is a cannabis delivery service based in San Francisco. Taking the cue from the high demand lifestyle of today’s world, the Chill concierge will bring clients their products when and where they want.

Retail sales of medical and recreational cannabis in the United States are on pace to eclipse $12 billion by the end of 2019 and could rise as high as $30 billion by 2023.

PMD focused on key San Francisco neighborhoods, such as Haight-Ashbury and Laurel Heights, with the venue specific displays such as Like a Personal Shopper for boutiques, Like a Waiter for restaurants, Like a Tour Guide from tourist hot spots. Chill has been seen in ubiquity by San Francisco’s residents and visitors with this ongoing effort.

Campaign Details:

  • WindowPoster™ Displays
  • 20 Display Weeks
  • 80-85% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Total Impressions: 31,059,285
  • Key Neighborhoods: Laurel Heights, Haight-Ashbury, Castro

Case Study: Le Reina del Sur

‘La Reina del Sur’, the Number 1 broadcast television show in the U.S. (in any language)

Adapted from the novel of the same name, La Reina del Sur is the story of one woman’s rise to power in the international drug trafficking.

PMD worked with Publicis Media to raise awareness of the Season 2 premiere, with WindowPoster™ Displays in Los Angeles centered around the annual Fiesta Broadway celebration – the largest Hispanic celebration in LA.Geo parameters were a tightly focused area of 40 square blocks, and only in Spanish-speaking businesses.

La Reina’s Season 2 premiere ranked as the No. 1 broadcast television show in the U.S. at 10 p.m. among the coveted demographic of adults 18-49, averaging 1.26 million viewers

Campaign Details:

  • WindowPoster™ Displays
  • 4 Display Weeks
  • 65-70% Target Neighborhood Coverage
  • Total Impressions: 12,876,230
  • Key Neighborhoods: Downtown LA, East LA, Boyle Heights, Maywood, Walnut Park

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