PMD ❤️ Small Business

There’s been a small oasis in the center of Coral Gables Florida, just outside of Miami since 2009. Lauren Sales and her late husband, Alan, opened Lauren’s Face the Day, a neighborhood spa as much known for its quality service and customized facials as it is for being on a first name basis with its local clientele.

“Supporting small businesses means directly supporting the individuals who are providing you with what you need.” Sales stated to PMD Media last week.

For the better part of this month, PMD, a small business itself, has been showing support for the retail stores, cafes, salons and restaurants it relies on for the backbone of its OOH network, by displaying posters in storefronts throughout 6 cities.

“We ❤️Small Business” is the message. And the sentiment isn’t just a slogan; 99% of U.S. businesses are considered small. 88% of small businesses have 20 employees or less. 44% of GDP comes from small business.

It would be an understatement to call the last few months challenging. Over 120,000 Americans have died from the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 20 million people have lost their jobs. Racial injustice issues have roiled the country with mass protests. So it’s no surprise to hear that people are trying to reach out across party lines, across racial divides, looking away from our differences and instead seeing what we have in common. That local, neighborhood, small business that relies on all of us, and that we rely upon, is the common ground that we can stand on, and support.

“As a small business, we know the time, effort and love that goes into creating a successful and welcoming environment.” says Sales, as she proudly displays a “We ❤️ MIA Small Business” storefront poster in her front window.

Lauren’s Face the Day spa is open for business again. Lauren is hopeful for a strong recovery in her city, and her customers are returning steadily and safely.

As cities open back up and summer kicks into high gear, PMD Media’s support for small business will continue. In Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, Brooklyn and our home base, New York City, PMD’s message of support is in the neighborhoods where people live and work.

We ❤️ Small Business.

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