WindowPoster™ Display

WindowPoster™ Displays are street-visible, seen in windows and doorways of  35,000 independent cafes, restaurants, retailers, and storefronts.

Focus your ad campaign inside individual neighborhoods in a single city, or blanket entire markets all over the country.

Utilizing proprietary, custom routing and tracking software, PMD combines the best of old-world media, with state-of-the-art digital technology. PMD’s detailed reporting is second to none in the Outdoor Advertising industry.


Impression & Rating Data

PMD Media is excited to announce that we have joined Geopath and are officially mapped and audited. We are currently the 5th largest OOH operator in the U.S.

Established in 1933, Geopath, originally the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement Inc., is a not-for-profit organization governed by a tripartite board comprised of advertisers, agencies, and media companies. Geopath’s historical mission was to audit the circulation of out of home media in the United States.

Using state-of-the-art data, technology, and media research methodologies along with a holistic, integrated approach, Geopath provides powerful tools that measure and analyze audience location and show how consumers engage with out of home advertising.


Digital Integration

Enhance your WindowPoster™ Display campaign with targeted banners that appear on a user’s device when they’re in the same area as your WindowPoster™ Display.

We identify the most responsive neighborhoods through a digital data-mining campaign that will share the same creative as your WindowPoster™ Displays. This will consist of a desktop and mobile advertising program that will generate audience engagement intelligence in order to optimize the WindowPoster™ placement, as well as a Digital Geo-fencing program.


World Class Reporting

PMD technology includes proprietary, custom-developed iPhone AWS-based routing, tracking and photo software.

Preliminary and Final reporting with photos, full venue lists, interactive mapping and other data sent during installation, and again upon full installation
We can send over pictures as soon as we have some in our system, usually within just a couple days of starting.

Our own staff installs and maintains all displays, without exception.



Postcard, Brochure, & Booklet Display

PMD’s Postcard, Brochure, and Booklet Displays are highly visible, seen on front counters and in the doorways of 35,000 independent cafes, restaurants, retailers, and storefronts.

Postcard, Brochure, and Booklet Displays are a great way to reach customers inside establishments. This type of ad medium works well alone, or in conjunction with PMD WindowPoster™ Displays.

Maximize your campaign’s visibility by incorporating our unique media mix offerings. With PMD’s nationwide network and unparalleled targeting capabilities, your message will BE SEEN.


Programmatic DOOH

PMD Media’s Core Strengths Combined.

Automated, data-driven
buying & selling of
digital outdoor.

Effective Design Rating

Great poster designs stand out in a crowded market and give you better results.

Based on 20+ years of experience with our ad medium, we rate your design based on these three points:

1. Does your poster convey its message in 2 seconds or less?

2. Is your poster visible from a distance?

3. Is your poster design attracting your target demographic?