WindowPoster™ Display






Postcard, Brochure, & Booklet Display

PMD’s Postcard, Brochure, and Booklet Displays are highly visible, seen on front counters and in the doorways of 50,000 independent cafes, restaurants, retailers, and storefronts.

Postcard, Brochure, and Booklet Displays are a great way to reach customers inside establishments. This type of ad medium works well alone, or in conjunction with PMD WindowPoster™ Displays.

Maximize your campaign’s visibility by incorporating our unique media mix offerings. With PMD’s nationwide network and unparalleled targeting capabilities, your message will BE SEEN.


Digital Integration

Enhance your WindowPoster™ Display campaign with targeted banners that appear on a user’s device when they’re in the same area as your WindowPoster™ Display.

We identify the most responsive neighborhoods through a digital data-mining campaign that will share the same creative as your WindowPoster™ Displays. This will consist of a desktop and mobile advertising program that will generate audience engagement intelligence in order to optimize the WindowPoster™ placement, as well as a Digital Geo-fencing program.


Effective Design Rating

Great poster designs stand out in a crowded market and give you better results.

Based on 20+ years of experience with our ad medium, we rate your design based on these three points:

1. Does your poster convey its message in 2 seconds or less?

2. Is your poster visible from a distance?

3. Is your poster design attracting your target demographic?


World Class Reporting


  • On-Site photographs
  • Interactive Venue Mapping
  • Zips & Neighborhoods
  • CPM and Impression Data



CPM & Impression Data

PMD has done extensive research on the impression that our WindowPoster™ campaigns generate. In 2009, with a follow up study in 2011, PMD examined the traffic flow in and around the neighborhoods and venues of six U.S. DMAs: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Washington D.C.



The largest format, storefront-dominating billboard you’ll ever see.

PMD Edge is currently available in Exclusive Neighborhoods:

Manhattan: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Chelsea, Hudson Yards, Kips Bay, East Village
Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Ft Greene, Carroll Gardens