Digital Integration

Outdoor Advertising joins forces with the best of Programmatic Digital.

Outdoor & Mobile Merged.

Gather audience engagement intelligence before OHH installation.

Boost your outdoor campaign with targeted mobile ads that appear on a user's device.

We identify the most responsive neighborhoods through digital data-mining; this audience engagement intelligence tells us what precise areas to launch an optimized WindowPoster™ campaign.

  • Pre-Launch Neighborhood Analysis.

    Gather audience engagement intelligence before WindowPoster™ installation.

  • Digital Geo-Fencing.

    Mobile ads are served when target audiences are near WindowPoster™ Displays with the same creative.

  • Combined Impact.

    The One-to-Many medium of Outdoor meets the One-on-One intimacy of Mobile.

Case Studies

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VH1 ‘Black Ink Crew’

The TV Network Awards Grant Money To Black Owned Businesses In advance of the next season of…


Google Fiber

When Google Wants It Known That It’s Now An ISP, They Turn to PMD Media In the…


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