Utilize the personal, face-to-face connections PMD Media has with its 35,000 small business partners to drive sales, spread the word, or introduce a product.

Case Study:  PayPal

Starting in September and running through January 2021, PMD’s WindowPoster Displays are targeting consumers in 10 markets.

Small Business Direct has also been employed to connect storefront management with PayPal itself, serving as the bridge between the two. PMD Media personnel have been running in-store app demos with management, enabling
SMBs to sign up for the touch-free system within minutes.

PayPal’s push for touch-free payments comes amid a resurgence in QR code usage.

Horizon Media is using a multi-channel approach over the course of three months this Fall. PMD Media has been an integral part of that effort, with its consumer-facing OOH storefront billboards.

Just as important are PMD’s unique relationships to the independent small businesses that make up its 35,000 location OOH network.

Campaign Details:

  • Services: WindowPoster Display, Small Business Direct
  • Markets: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C.
  • 86 Neighborhoods, 60-65% Avg. Neighborhood Coverage
  • Period: 18 Display Weeks
  • Audited Impressions (Geopath): 286,713,028